Quick European SoundBites

The 1st of May in Spain is “Work Day” -obviously this is also a public holiday…

A Greek friend thought that the snowy streets of the UK were stalked by a strange animal after she saw tracks of small holes punctured in the snow. It turns out the “strange animal” = UK girls refusing to let a little snow and ice stop them from wearing tiny, opened toed highheals.

In Luxembourg a packet of 4 slices of medium quality ham costs €15
In Luxembourg a second hand M series BMW costs €700
=In Luxembourg you have the choice, 186 packets of ham or a BMW….

On the weekend following Carnival Luxembourg burns allot of large bonfires and crosses -this is scary, but to be fair, thankfully few people wear sheets
In Lithuania they Burn a large bonfire shaped like a witch… -this coincides with a ritual fight between a fat man and a thin man.
=all of this is to burn away/represent the transition of winter to spring

The Foyee Europe (language school in Luxembourg) is the cheapest place to buy beer in the country

I slept in a Buddhist monastery in Brussels on Friday…

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