The How To, Top 10 and Sex of Luxembourg!!

Well perhaps not quite, and perhaps a bit of false advertising is not the most conspicuous start to a blog ostensibly about law. However, Marshmallow Sensai, i.e my guide to this new and curious world of “blogging,” tells me that using these words is the only way to generate significant numbers of readers and well needs must… 😉

Oscar Wilde tells us that in science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But that the objective of poetry, it’s the exact opposite. Wilde went on to lament that it was a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information. When setting out the stall of this blog I think I will dabble in all three corners of Wilde’s quote. I.e. I would genuinely like to explain and discuss practical and technical details of the Law and Legal Industry that I encounter during my time in Luxembourg, the City of London and wherever else it raises its ugly head. But this is also a travel blog of sorts, and I would like draw out and bring to life some the latent mystery, entertaining frivolity and enjoyable exoticism of the places I visit this year.

So, in order to avoid the charges of fraud that may stem from a blog that fails to live up to its title, let’s talk about the How To, Top Ten and Sex of Luxembourg.

How To: not be put off by Luxembourg within 48hours of arrival -Get a cool Bulgarian friend to get you invited to A Small World networking event. Marcus and Adil put on such a party at the Place d’Armes Hotel the day after I arrived. Frankly meeting such a brilliant group of interesting eccentrics and long term residents did much to bring this odd city quirkily to life. Luxembourg is strange and odd and ostensibly boring, but it becomes strangely appealing when you are told that; “This place is alive with interesting things, but unlike London, these things are not offered on a plate so one has to dig for them!” , “If the evening arrives and you start feeling comfortable that you know all there is to do in Luxembourg that night, start feeling paranoid as more interesting people are probably having more fun than you somewhere!”

My second tip is to arrive wearing orange sunglasses. The weather so far has been a uniform overcast grey. I’m sure bright sunglasses would go along way to making you better about life.

Top Ten Bars of Luxembourg: should include The Tube, The Liquid Cafe and possibly Le Palaise -I will put together a real hierarchy once I’ve been to more than ten bars in Luxembourg!

Sex in Luxembourg: well I’m sorry to say that there has not been any yet. But I have been told about some very interesting parties that happen in a castle….

A’ la prochaine!


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